Shrouds, film still.

evolute assemblage. Patricia Smits

evolute – assemblage (egg, photo print). the locus of the centers of curvature of a given curve. with the margins rolled towards the outside. (about dimension)

transformation - drawing, ongoing research >>

Inverse assemblage. Patricia Smits

Inverse – Assemblage (egg, marble and photo print) 2016.
About the inside and the outside

A site specific video installation consisting of two video installations.
- Hierarchy rules - video Installation /part of site-specific installation
- RAW material – video Installation, loop 16.24 min.

A.E. / artificial egg - digital photo, staged. (series) 2019-2021

Print of plaster – Sculpture. Sculpture – Cast and power cord.
Sculpture is made of a print of the space under the floor (Part of a building’s gully). Imprint is made with plaster. Site-specific. 

Archaic enlightening – offspring series
c-print (matt coating) on dibond. 180 x 101 cm. Archaic-enlightening is made by combining 2 images (photos or stills, from 2 different places and moments) 1 on 1. these 2 photos create a new image, a new moment, an offspring. The inside / outside and interwoven ‘rhythm’ is essential in this transformation

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