title: appearance – video installation.
loop 10.06 min. 250x155x350cm. portfolio film = 5.27 min.
an abstract Installation, shows an construction-concept for transience. the installation consists of a (film) projection and two objects. the projection is divided in three parts. at the top is a projection of floating spawn, this was filmed (with a special device) in the water of a forest pond. the bottom projection shows a big cobweb smoothly moving in the wind. these two parts are connected by a white, blank projection. besides the projection is an old hollow concrete (belgium) sewer pipe. the pipe has already lost its function. three subtle traces are made on the floor using the sand and the rust that use to stick to the pipe. the traces lead to the projection. the sand and concrete tracks highlight the special connection between the film and sculpture.
a site specific video installation consisting of two video installations.
part 1: titel: hierarchy rules – video Installation, loop 15 sec.  
i live in a forest area in belgium, right at the border of the netherlands. i walk through the forest every day, where I often find material for my work. that’s where i also made a film with three deer. i wondered if this was a private moment for the deer, their personal space? who am i to decide if this short film should go public? about one year after making the installation i placed the film on this website.
the hierarchy rules video Installation was installed on top of the ceiling tiles. to watch the short video film you had to go up with an oncomfortabele ladder (apr. 2-2,5 m.). i did this intentionally so that the viewer had to go to a lot of trouble to see the film. it is an intimate short film about three deer that walk backwards. why all this extra effort for the viewers to see this video on top of the ceiling? i  thought it was a beautiful thought that the deer could dominate instead of man. afther watching the short film, people often came down the ladder smiling or full of emotion.

the two installations are connected by the ceiling holes (by taking the ceiling plates out, where some power cables were hanging down). the holes lead to the video installation part 2, RAW material’.


part 2: titel: RAW material – video Installation, loop 16.24 min.
RAW material shows a large projection (from floor to ceiling – apr. 2,5x6m.) it’s about a chicken that i filmed in a special environment. my initial idea was to film the chicken (named kuukel) from bottom up, i thought it would be a new perspective to look at this beautiful animal. but soon i noticed i was training and drilling chicken-kuukel. i tried to lure her with food and even got impatient because she was afraid to walk over the glass plate (which ‘we’ humans can also experience with glass floors). in the end she did it. when i wanted to edit the film i took a good look at the film. i was ashamed of my domination and my impatient behaviour towards chicken kuukel. I therefore decided not to edit the film and to use the unedited (“RAW”) state, so 1 on 1. the work is also a reference to how we relate to animals in general, ‘our meat’ (?) I am thinking in particular of the (food) industry.

site-specific tryout in the forest at the border between Belgium and the Netherlands


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